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The soul of the house where happiness lives: Poly Toys
Development of a brand of children's educational toys
The soul of the house where happiness lives: Poly Toys

The team of the Belarusian company Pole, with the support of teachers and psychologists, decided to bring to the market educational toys made of environmentally friendly materials.

Masters of carpentry help reduce the volume of deforestation by processing wood residues from large-scale industries. Made of solid oak and ash, hand-polished, and impregnated with natural linseed oil, the toys have passed the European certification cycle and received the "Safe for children" label (0+).


Develop a brand for environmentally friendly children's toys made of wood.


The basis of the brand's platform is the " Naive "archetype, and the "Caring" one supports it.

The warmth of the hands of the masters, invested in toys, echoes the Czech souvenir traditions and the flavor of the European country. This is why the Rolly Toys brand appeared. Wooden toys Rolly Toys create an atmosphere of warmth in your home.

Toys made of wood not only develop children, but also decorate the house. When a child grows up, they perfectly complement the design of modern interiors. They connect generations and are always there.

A series of decorative toys Rarašek helps to tell stories and legends: countries, mentalities, cultures, families.

The love of the hands of Belarusian craftsmen and the legendary character of the Czech myth-the rarašek brownie-combine to form the basis of the brand's philosophy: "to become not the best in the world, but the best for the world".

The unified packaging system is based on the folklore history of the Czech brownie. According to legend, it appears from an egg. And the hero of the package is the youngest Rarašek-the animated egg. He pays attention to a particular model in a playful way. Branded stickers complement the minimalist style of packaging, allowing you to differentiate toys by type and color of wood.