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Freedom of expression branding
The development of a unified visual identity of the Printbar
Freedom of expression branding

Printbar is becoming more than just a service for printing on clothing. The brand supports and develops a community of designers and illustrators-people who create new images.


Develop a single visual image that expresses the idea of infinite freedom of self-expression and at the same time the technology of the service.


Print bar provides space and tools for any creative person to Express themselves. At the same time, the image style can be anything from the logo of a popular group to your favorite cat. That is why the style is based on the symbol of an empty canvas, which contains any idea, image, logo or text and gives you the opportunity to Express yourself.


The logo is a stylized set of tools for creativity-a toolbar, based on which instead of standard brushes and magic wands, you can see real tools for creativity: inspiration, imagination, idea, and so on. However, the number and set of these tools can change (as in this toolbar) and users can add their own tools.


Thus, the style does not limit the scope of style, taste, color preferences or plot. It's like he's just saying, " Put whatever you want in here."