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Vis-à-vis: female incarnation of the world
Positioning and brand identity, revealing the female world in all its diversity and in all its beauty
Vis-à-vis: female incarnation of the world

Vis-A-Vis is one of the most recognizable brands of clothes and underwear, represented on the Russian market. The main principle of the company is customer care. Attention to trends and their adaptation to the needs of Russian consumers, fashion and the best prices make the products of the brand unique and marketable.


To develop the corporate identity of the trademark Vis-A-Vis.


Keeping in mind the developed positioning «Women’s world in its diversity and beauty», by DDVB agency were chosen blooming branches of a fantasy tree as the main style-forming element of the corporate identity. The image of this tree represents the women’s world. A unique, enchanting, inimitable, and diverse world. Thin, slim lines of the logo, round curves of the branches, light circumvolant butterflies, an optimistic and infusing palette — all these features render the scale of essential emotions and hues of a wonderful women’s world in a vivid and bright manner. A great amount of white color used on the background enables to create the feeling of air, freedom, and purity which are needed by a bright and thin tree to grow. The developed corporate identity of the trademark Vis-A-Vis is implemented in a great number of carriers of the corporate identity: from the exterior and interior of sales points to package design of a great number of women’s articles.