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Teacher for Russia: impulse of change
Visual image for the brand of professional development program for future leaders of Russian education
Teacher for Russia: impulse of change

"Teacher for Russia" - is Russian non-governmental initiative, that engages the best young professionals of different fields of experience to teach at schools, in order to expand their educational potential and to give a new impulse of development of school education. 

The project was started in 2015 with support of key partners and co-founders: Sberbank and HSE, which provided both financial and methodological support to the Program. 

Program’s participants are university graduates and young professionals of all specialties. They all passed a multistage selection and had a craving for teaching. For 2 years they should become teachers at some ordinary Russian public school with full financial support. Participants will share their experiences, implement new projects, teach children and, of course, learn for themselves a lot.


To develop a visual identity for the program, which will reflect the main idea - to create a community of young talented people, studied the educational system from within and who capable to give an impulse to modernization and development.


DDVB Agency decided to support this important social project, and in search of a simple sign, connected with the school and the process of acquiring knowledge, the team turned to the school curricula. 

The physical quantity, that has a direction of impact, is called «vector» and is denoted by a capital letter with an arrow at the top. The school - it is an object of focus, and young teachers - the force with which the initiators and participants of the Program want to "move" a modern school education for the better, giving it a new acceleration, dynamic and energy. Such a simple, at first glance, graphical solution allows to combine all activities of the Program by addition to any stylized symbol the special arrow. It perfectly reflects the aspiration of the young teacher’s soul to change not only his life, but also the society in which he lives.

To make identity more joyful and positive, we implemented a large number of bright colors, which, combined with the laconic style of logo, make the style very variative, with the possibility of further development in various media.