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Charitable Foundation TOK: the warmth of hands
Corporate identity for the Charitable Foundation, that involved into social and cultural rehabilitation of deaf-blind people.
Charitable Foundation TOK: the warmth of hands

Creative Union «Circle» (in Russian language it is abbreviated as TOK) is a charitable organization that provides necessary help for deaf-blind people. The fund was created by the disabled and partial to their problems people in order to help deaf-blind people not to be left in complete isolation and without possibilities to normal existence. 

In Russia there are thousands of deaf-blind people who need constant support. The main objective of the Fund is not just improve their quality of life, but also to organize a "platform" through which the blind and deaf could engage in common and interesting work, with the support of volunteers. 

One of the projects implemented by the Foundation - the development of specially designed workshop. It’s a place, where the deaf-blind can express themselves and their particular perception of the world, find something for everyone, or even find a new meaning of life. The offspring of such creativity on display at trade shows and sold at charity fairs, contributing, inter alia, and to attract public attention to the problems of deprived of hearing and sight disabled.


To develop a corporate identity for the Charitable Foundation and create a packaging design for products manufactured in TOK’s workshop.


The symbol of people, that “see” and “hear” by hands and feel the world literally by "fingertips", has become an image of bird-hand. The Foundation itself and its creative workshop were metaphorically represented as a tree inhabited by these beautiful birds. This tree is a place, where they can realize themselves and feel its relevance. 

Corporate identity got a modular system that allows to decorate a variety of objects and media - from tiny labels to big boxes. This solution makes ceramic packaging and other products stand out from the production of standard industries. Combined together boxes form an Ad Space and attract public’s attention. Such attention is incredibly important for the Fund-supported special and talented people. Despite the strength of spirit, they still need the support. 

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