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The Tretyakov Gallery: branding as a piece of art
A combination of tradition and modern vision
The Tretyakov Gallery: branding as a piece of art

The State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Tretyakov Gallery (also known as the Tretyakov Gallery) is an Art Museum in Moscow, founded in 1856 by a merchant Pavel Tretyakov, and having one of the world's largest collection of Russian fine arts.


To develop the corporate identity of the State Tretyakov Gallery.


DDVB developed a recognizable corporate identity which creates the image of a modern, developing museum, which combines an aspiration to preserve the national endowment with an ability to respond to modern processes of artistic and cultural life — an open and democratic museum. The developed corporate identity incorporates the geography of the museum collections and temporary expositions in the three Moscow buildings and mark each building with identification color which helps visitors to navigate and find the locations of this or that event pretty quickly. The following units have been developed within the framework of the project: the logo of the State Tretyakov Gallery and the jubilee marks, the design of business documentation and branded souvenir production; the external and internal visual identification of the gallery; promotional and informational printing materials.