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Suvorovo: young-eyed milk production
The DDVB developed a visual image for the new-generation dairy industrial livestock complex
Suvorovo: young-eyed milk production

The project to create the "Suvorovo" complex was initiated by the agri-engineering "Agrarika" company, that had an ambitious goal - to develop and implement an ultramodern and showpiece dairy farming project in the Tambov region, which would help in the long run to extend the advanced manufacturing practices throughout the industry and the country. 

The "Suvorovo" is a reference and effectively functioning dairy full circle complex, which has become a new standard of the industry. It provides quality, natural and healthy dairy products for the people of the region.


To develop a corporate identity for the complex, that would characterize it as a unique and socially important producer of dairy products.


Take into account the specificity of the project, the DDVB agency has developed open, bright and lively image for the "Suvorovo". The new design sets the warm, friendly, easy and positive way of communications. As the main brand attribute the image of a semiabstract "sun-udder" was selected, as well as the cheerful, bright orange color and illustrations.