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Dobriy Juice: wholehearted design
Redesign of the kindest juice brand of the country
Dobriy Juice: wholehearted design

Dobry brand is a juice, created with love for the people, created by the most kindness. Dobry juice inspires to do good deeds that help make the world a little bit betterevery day.


To redesign "Dobry"juice package.


While developing a new design, DDVB kept the basic principles and elements of the old package peculiar for "Dobry" and making the brand recognizable. At the same time the new design added easiness, originality, and up-to-dateness to the brand. The logo was basically changed - it became more solid and laconic, and the background color became brighter and fresher. Naturalness of the product is underlined by the design of the fruit composition: the fruits look more vivid, dynamic, and appetizing. Dobry in the new design has already appeared in the shops, and gradually - by the end of May, 2010 - will substitute the whole selection made in the old style.