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Silver Mercury: marketing, hacking your feelings
Provocative Identity for the main marketing festival
Silver Mercury: marketing, hacking your feelings

Festival of advertising and marketing, named "Silver Mercury", is one of the most prestigious professional events in Russia and Eastern Europe. Its concept is based on international standards, by analogy with the best American reward promotional projects and adapted to the conditions of this country. 

Founded in 2001, Silver Mercury repeatedly seeks to surprise participants with bright and unusual way. Nevertheless, year 2014 was marked by the most large-scale changes in the concepts and other elements of its operation. 

These changes affected and the identity of the Festival, so the DDVB was entrusted to develop it.


To develop a corporate identity for the largest festival in marketing sphere.


Marketing - is the most aggressive of Modern Art, affecting all kinds of feelings. It is the thing, that can rise the demand, to impact on consumers, prompting them to action, provoking and tempting. 

Demonstrating these effects of marketing, creative concept of the festival was based on the use of "popular expressions" associated with each of the senses. The main idea is reflected in the new slogans used in the visual materials: catching the eye, climbing into ears, pulling the tongue, tickling the nostrils, untying hands. 

As a result - the provocative "lipped-tongued" illustrations, which have become a vivid symbol of the festival in the 2014.