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Saiwala: brand with a soul
Positioning and corporate identity for the furniture brand with a Scandinavian accent
Saiwala: brand with a soul

In 2011 Saiwala, producing sofas and armchairs, decided to change the design concept of furniture and range of furniture products. So-called Scandinavian design was chosen as a style guide. Invited designers and technologists from Denmark and Sweden had to pass on their Russian colleagues skills and most importantly - the spirit of Scandinavian design, expressed in minimalism, easiness, the ability to concentrate and give the furniture a variety of functions, without losing peace of mind and comfort. Another feature of «Scandinavian design» is a traditional love of natural materials: wood, preserving natural texture, textile with muted tones, the colors of coastal sand and rocks, and the cold blue-gray North Sea... In a typically Scandinavian interior, as a rule, there are clear glass and ceramics painted with cobalt blue - the symbols that embody the high water, the thousands of lakes, which is famous for Scandinavia.


Development of positioning and corporate identity for a furniture company Saiwala.


Within the project the positioning of the company with slogan «In harmony with yourself» was developed - for those, who appreciate peace of mind, comfort and warmth. As a main symbol of corporate identity a bird has been chosen. It is a traditional way of Scandinavian epics, symbolizing «the soul» (Saiwala is «soul» from Ancient Celtic). Natural textures such as felt, old wood, linen fabric were actively used In carriers' decoration. This emphasizes a feature of Scandinavian design as love for natural materials. Gentle muted colors of corporate identity also refers to the traditions of the Scandinavians. Additional designed graphic element - a pattern - has a strictly specified style, but is free in the subjects that may appear infinitely depending on the event: seasonal sales, special dates or illustrations for catalogues. Lightweight and very flexible corporate identity has allowed to develop a large number of media, from design of retail space, the various elements of furniture, interior accessories, to multi-media and souvenirs.