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Mistral: everything on shelves
Optimization of the product matrix of the Company and the development of packaging design for different product lines
Mistral: everything on shelves

The "Mistral Trading" company have been producing and distributing the high-quality products of the grain milling industry for over 20 years. The company presents on the russian market about 20 brands from 31 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania. The Company's products are sold in 25 000 outlets in 86 cities of Russia. 

As a result of the brand-audit conducted by the "Mistral Trading" company, it was decided to organize its product matrix and to refine on the design of packaging for six product lines of its leading brand the "Mistral": 


  • Food service 
  • Elite 
  • Regular 
  • Gourmet 
  • Boiling bags 
  • Cereals
  • To systematize and unify the visual matrix of the entire product portfolio of the "Mistral" brand 
  • To develop new, bright and more "emotional" design of the packages for 6 product lines, which would solve the problems: 

- Differentiatiation of the lines itself 

- To provide the uniformity of the brand style and to deliver its key characteristics 

- To make the brand "stand alone" from the competitors in the retail space


In order to differentiate a large number of different product lines, and at the same time, to enhance the overall brand awareness (maintaining the same logo) it was fined an effective solution - introduction of the special corporate element. So it was chosen the band, which transformed in certain letters , to make the difference between various types of products: 

B - beans 

G - grains 

S - sugar 

R - rice 

C - cereals 

Most of the "basic" assortment packages are richly illustrated. They are all carriers of the verbal information, that translates the specificity of the product and the processes of its harvest and transformation. 

More over, as a part of the project the DDVB agency created a special design for the "premium" line named "Gourmet", that is standing "alone" in the assortment matrix of the Company. 

Each package in this line is a real work of art, because of the efforts of the creative team. Design is got up with a unique graphic style, it tells a story highlighting the "Mistral" as an "expert" and "cosmopolitan" brand.