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Mango Office: The platform for growth
The new image of the leading implementer of the software for telecommunication networks of small and medium-sized businesses
Mango Office: The platform for growth

The Mango Telecom – is a leading implementer of the software for telecommunications networks of small and medium-sized businesses. 

For several years the company has stood as a market maker, offering the market the Mango Office branded products of innovative solutions in the sphere of hosted PBX , call centers and CRM-systems. 

Over the past few years, the Mango Telecom increased its "breakaway" from the majority of main competitors and won everybody’s recognition as the obvious leader of the category. Now the company hatching a plan of making expansion to the markets of the Western Europe (with the help of the Intel Capital, that put value of the software Mango quality and its potential for "global" promotion). 

Described conditions determine the decision to revise the strategy of the Mango Telecom brand, coordinating it with the position and ambitions of the company.

  • To update and formalize the brand platform
  • To develop a communications strategy
  • To develop a visual communications system of the brand

The DDVB agency decided to revise and simplify the existing architecture of the Company's brands, declining to use the Mango Telecom brand for the external communications (because it forms a perception as an telecommunications operator, rather than software implementer), and focusing on promoting the Mango Office brand products (combining all of software).

 As a result of the analysis of categorical communication space, the DDVB agency also offered to check out radically from the vast majority of market players. It was recommended to attract the audience's attention not to the technical side of the «business», the functional characteristics of the products and the way they work (all of the competitors did it), but the practical effect for the business, which is achieved through the implementation of the Mango Office software system and a deep understanding of the specifics of the key business processes of the client companies. 

The profitability growth, improvement of operational efficiency, increasing number of incoming calls, customer base growth, management optimization, etc. – all of this is only a part of the rational benefits that people will get referring to the Mango Office brand as a "platform of abilities growth". 

The new positioning is supported by the new approach of the Mango Office interaction with the audience - overpast "impersonal" communications are gone, and now the brand addresses its messages to certain businessmen - owners of small and medium-sized businesses, IT-specialists - responding to their specific needs and expectations. These changes are reflected not only in the main point of the brand message, but in their tone and style - they also became "more humane", "understandable" and "friendly". 

Despite a slight restyling of the logo, the entire concept of the Mango Office corporate identity was changed radically. It becomes "smarter", but at the same time its bright, "emotional" and "sociable" - due to the vivid colors, the "live" typography and the active use of additional stylistic elements - "tips" in unusual forms. 

The new brand image will be gradually extended to the entire system of visual communications - business documents, advertising and printed materials and souvenirs, promotional material, website, etc.