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Lefkadia Premuim: brand with a unique taste
The visual image of the wine brand, which tells of the myths of ancient Greece
Lefkadia Premuim:  brand with a unique taste

Lefkadia project was launched in order to create a brand of Russian wines, capable to compete with the products of the major winemaking countries. Famous oenologist Patrick Leon with his young Russian and French colleagues winemakers Gilles Rey and Marie Barbe supervise and control the whole process at all stages of winemaking from planting grapes to turning juice into wine. Lefkadia areas (where vines grow) are extremely diverse, that provides a good base for experiments with different kinds of grape, and allows to produce elite sorts of wine. Therefore, package design should fully reflect the high quality of the wine, and determine the traditions of agriculture, associated with this place.


To develop the visual brand identity and design concept forRussian wine packaging premium brand Lefkadia.


While package design developing DDVB focused on the rich wine region's history: in ancient times Lefkadia was populated by Greeks. Therefore, myths and legends of ancient Greece were put into the basis of the concept. Mascaron depicted on the label, is divided into dark and light halves: light represents Dionysus, and the dark represents Faun. These images illustrate the influence of wine per person, activating both light and hidden parts of his soul. Mascaron image consists of various scenes that depict legends and myths of ancient Greece, in which the wine played key role. The developed concept was appreciated by both producers and consumers.