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Yogular nutrition advertising campaign
The message that regular use of Yogulakt contributes to a comprehensive improvement of the body is in basis of communication
Yogular nutrition advertising campaign

Yogulakt medicine by Nizhpharm pharmaceutical company contains live lactobacilli , is stored in the fridge, so is an effective treatment for dysbacterioses, as well as their prophylaxis.


To develop the concept of advertising campaign for Yogulakt.


It was necessary to explain to people that the use of Yogulakt is part of a healthy lifestyle, and the presence of Yogulakt in the menu keeps the body in combating the negative effects of the environment. As a result, the concept of Yogular nutrition with the slogan «Nutrition should be Yogular», i.e. regular and inclusive Yogulakt. DDVB has also developed magazine imitation called Yogular nutrition. Several covers became the basis of the advertising campaign in the press and magazines themselves were used as handouts at the points of sales. Each skin magazin described the interests of one group of target audience: beauty, family health, longevity. There was an advertising company in the press, has developed various POS-materials, created a series of radio commercials, which «explain the popularity of yogulyar nutrition». Within this advertsining campaign a TVC was shot where so called yogular army of friendly bacteria come to help human health.