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Ash-tree: strong by nature
Eco brand for patriotic vodka
Ash-tree: strong by nature

Nemiroff vodka producer expands its brand portfolio by launching a line of "Ash-tree" vodkas. "Ash-tree"vodka is represented by two sub-brands: Golden and Special. "Ash-tree" brand creating is aimed to strengthen Nemiroff's new position at highly competitive mid-price segment of the Russian vodka market. Producers descided to focus on ecology, patriotism and nostalgia.


To develop the concept of packaging, bottle shape and label design.


Traditional Russian vodka decanter for "Ash-tree" vodka is made of transparent glass, decorated with ornaments of ash-tree leaves. The name "ash-tree" was put in the basis of packaging design concept: leaves start blooming from stalk and they surround the whole bottle. It goes with the label on the glass surface of the bottle itself.