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James Baker: tasty pack
Packaging design for the "James Baker's cakes", brand that opened a new category of premium confectionery
James Baker: tasty pack

On the market there are many brands of the same shape waffle cakes and traditional recipes. The category of this product is perceived by consumers as an cheap and routine.


Develop Identity and packaging for a new brand of cakes with exquisite taste and a new recipe in the premium price segment.


In order to emphasize the unusual shape and a variety of flavors of the product, it was decided to turn the image of the cake into a recognizable and delicious decorative element. The unusual format of packaging highlighted the new format of the product (cake was cut into slices and served in elegant paper tartlets). Decoration was based on geometric compositions of the cake pieces and filling, forming strict «flowers», which looks effective on the shelves. White color clearly identifies reduced calorie content. The overall style of the brand refers to the premium segment. As part of expanding the line mini-package and «gold» series were created. Result: The product became popular and gained a lot of imitators further by opening a new category of confectionery.