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Chondroxide: poetry of health
Positive advertising campaign for the "Chondroxide" meds
Chondroxide: poetry of health

It was needed to deliver the following main idea to the customer: «Chondroxide is an affordable and sovereign remedy which recovers freedom of movements, if a person has problems with the joints». Chondroxide is a simple and uncomplicated solution to such problems.


to develop the creative conception of the advertising campaign for Chondroxide produced by Nizhpharm.


The audience of this product did not have any abstract problems but had to withstand real diseases. When the joints are not OK, a person suffers of pain greatly, and, if the sufferers laugh, the pain becomes milder. Thus, Chondroxide through its own advertisements will immediately take a certain positive effect. Then how can one specify these problems in a vivid, interesting, and kind way, and show the corresponding solutions? The answer was not late in arriving — go and adapt the English Chukovsky’s «Crooked» song to our needs: There was a crooked man, And he walked a crooked mile. Within the projects 3 types of advertising, more than 10 layofor print, a variety of POS-materials and online advertising were developed, as well as the poems were written for a diverse audience of the product