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Delta Securit: security as a life "without danger"
"Friendly" integrated communications campaign, unusual for the category, for the brand of the largest Russian operator
Delta Securit: security as a life

Delta Security is a new company on the Russian security and monitoring services market, created by consolidating the core capabilities of the leading regional companies, which allowed it to become the biggest «player» in the category as soon as possible. Compared with competitors, Delta Security has a number of significant competitive advantages: - Customer focus and increase service levels - Using its own know -how and innovative technology solutions - An integrated approach to the protection of property - Remote video monitoring and other telematics, telemetry and interactive services - The exceptional simplicity and ease of connection to the system - A friendly and positive tone of communications - According to the initiators of the project business, the company fully able to make the protection of property affordable, simple and easy to understand service, which has become a familiar and integral part of the lives of millions of Russians - similar to mobile communication and Internet access.


To develop summer and autumn advertising campaign for the Delta.


Summer campaign. Advertising campaign actualized a problem of unattended apartments in holidays and vacation season. It was based on the background when people who leave the cottage or vacation, ask their neighbors to look after their homes. In media this idea was exaggerated demonstrating the failure of these methods. Autumn campaign. In the basis of advertising campaign an insight was put: most people, quite frankly, trust to chance or do not think about their homes protection at all. In media carelessness of people was exaggerated.