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Centro: attractive retail branding
Fast Fashion shoe store branding
Centro: attractive retail branding

In 2008 Centro brand was launched as absolutely unique format of the footwear chain — Fast Fashion. It was designed for a fashionable young audience. Today Centro consists of more than 100 stores represented in the largest shopping centres. The target audience of footwear stores Centro is young people who always want to look stylish and fashionable.


To develop the concept design store chain Centro.


It was decided to create veritable «islands» of fashion and style where young people would find themselves in the disco atmosphere. It is in the disco that people can take a dive into the world of light, glamour, and festive positive emotions, can demonstrate their new outfit and feel like real stars. The windows are equipped with large video displays which broadcast dynamic commercials in Fashion TV style. And the art objects in the form of words taken from the mods’ slang which are made of reflecting and lustrous materials decorate a window and serve as handy supports for footwear and accessories. In order to reduce the time needed for searching the wanted article, the store is divided into bright color zones. While designing the stores DDVB kept in mind that the products would be sold without active presence of a shop assistant in the hall. For the sake of communication with the customer, all in-store equipment contains impelling phrases which entertain the buyer and encourage him or her to make a purchase. Thus DDVB developed a bright, sexual, and dynamic design of the stores, and this helps to attract the young audience there.