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Bashneft: development in new capacity
Rebranding of one of the most potential Russian oil companies
Bashneft: development in new capacity

Over the past two years Bashneft has undergone significant qualitative changes, becoming a dynamic vertically integrated oil company (VICs) of federal scale. Bashneft new status, as well as ambitious plans to turn into a world-class company, requested the change of visual image of the corporate brand. Bashneft inherited previous symbols from the eponymous oil-producing enterprise, layed in basis of new industrial holding formationin 2009. Despite their individuality and recognition, the former Bashneft symbolism did not meet the new requirements, did not express the key idea of the new development strategy - the desire for a balanced and dynamic growth. Colors of former Bashneft logo applied to «black gold» production, but along with positive semantics it had a number of disadvantages. For example, basic palette of black usage contradicted Bashneft’s desire to present itself as a company with a high level of environmental responsibility.


To develop a new corporate identity for Bashneft company.


New corporate identity for Bashneft contains the current visual attributes of the corporate brand, meet the following requirements: - An expression of company’s desire to grow rapidly and develop; - A reflection of important quality characteristics as high technology, social and environmental responsibility ; - Visual appeal and modernity; - Standing out among competitors visual identities. Retaining some continuity to the old symbolism, the new Bashneft brand, however, has undergone significant changes. The round shape of the sign is softer and more harmonious than former square. Internal sharp label elements now come up from the center of the composition, which symbolizes the vertical integration of the company's assets, its dynamic growth and a consistent development in all areas. Brand color palette changed radically. It made Bashneft look brighter and more positive. Thanks to special graphic effects the sign looks 3D, which made it modern. Luscious shades of green and cranberry colors not only expressed environmental and intense focus on growth, but also allowed the brand to emphasize the uniqueness and difference from other brands of energy companies. Corporate decorative element used in Bashneft corporate identity were to strengthen its recognition in a variety of media. Decorative element in line with sign was performed as a set of interrelated details, which graphical solution underscores the rapid and purposeful Bashneft movement in chosen direction of development. New corporate identity was extended to a wide range of media. They included branded objects of petrol stations network, stationary and documentation, facilities, office space and interior facades of buildings, vehicles and staff clothing, corporate information publications (including corporate newspaper and web site); advertising and print products and many more.