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Aradis: a drink from Garden of Eden
The new brand of Armenian cognacs
Aradis: a drink from Garden of Eden

Launching of a new Armenian cognac brand to the competitive market.


To develop the creative positioning, the name and design for a new line of cognac products.


The product is positioned as a «re-exported» product made in Armenia for the European market. The cognac was created in accordance with European traditions, but in order to emphasize Armenian origin, traditional images from ancient Armenian books (Garden of Eden, plants, birds) were used as design elements. The Aradis transcription has been developed for the cognac; this transcription combines the recognizable roots: pan-European paradis (paradise) and traditional Armenian appeal. For the whole line of ordinary, branded, and aged cognacs stickers and packages were developed. For the promotion program a great number of Pos-materials and product catalogues were developed. Thanks to the worked out solutions, the cognac has quickly found its loyal customers and has securely taken the corresponding business segment.