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Alutech group of companies rebranding
Combining four lines of business under the sign of leadership ethics and aesthetics quality for one of the drivers of the Belarusian economy
Alutech group of companies rebranding

Alutech Group of companies is a corporation consisting of various manufacturing and retail companies situated on the territory of Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine. 

The Group is specialized in production and promotion of high-quality aluminum goods - roller shutter systems, garage and sectional doors, aluminum profile systems, and automatics.The headquarters of the Group is situated in the city of Minsk (the Republic of Belarus). The company carries out vigorous activities in the markets of the CIS, Eastern and Western Europe; it is considered to be one of the acknowledged branch leaders. 

According to the shareholders and management of Alutech Group of companies, the existed visual image of the brand did not correspond at all to the status of the Group, to the success achieved by it, and to ambitious plans of further development. These causes conditioned the Solution to start rebranding of Alutech.


Alutech Holding rebranding.


Within the given complex project which has been in progress for nearly two years, DDVB specialists performed large-scale analytical work, developed the conception of creative positioning, the platform and the system of visual communications for Alutech. Despite the marketing directivity of the Company, up to the present moment Alutech has not possessed a formalized communications platform. 

Brand platform was based on straightforward leadership, steadfast execution of the commitments, love for creative labor, and perfectionism in relation to the quality of products and laconic excellence of their design. These principles also determined the phrasing of new slogans of Alutechbrand – «Ethics of leadership. Esthetics of quality» (the general trendy slogan of the brand) and «Esthetics of the system quality» (the slogan used in promoting Alutech products). 

When the specialists of DDVB developed the conception of the visual image of Alutech brand, they, together with the Customer's representatives, determined a number of additional requirements to it. First of all, it must be performed in modern European style – it must be «clear» and «transparent». Secondly, it must be bright, memorable, and prominent in its category. Thirdly, it must communicate such characteristics of the Group activity as «consistency», «structural properties», and «order». And, the last but not the least, it must be a convenient instrument (both for the company employees and for its numerous dealers and trading partners) of differentiation of various promotional and informational materials according to the four production lines: roller shutter systems, doors, aluminum profile systems, and automatics. 

The modular view of the logotype suggested by DDVB (whereas each square represents an abstract styled image of this or that commercial direction) and sharp-cut geometry of the corporate identity allowed to achieve the desired goals. And the bright and diverse color scheme, alongside with additional style-forming elements in the form of billets (continuing the certain symbols of the logo) helped not only to differentiate various lines of the manufactured products, but also to get additional convenience and usability of the design in preparation of all kinds of media.